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I’m Ademar Tutor. You may call me “Ade”, “Mar” or my favorite “Dem”.

I have spent over 13 years being a developer and leading software development for startups, a journey that enabled me to grow my software outsourcing company to a team of 30+ professionals. This effort led to raising millions in funds for clients and successfully exiting a startup where I held equity.

What will you be reading in this blog?

We'll dive deep into a tech stack that helped build apps in the last decade. Our journey will primarily explore the following key technologies:

  1. Ruby 💎: Think of a precious gem that's both beautiful and valuable. Ruby is a programming language known for its simplicity and elegance. It's easy to read and write, making it great for beginners, yet powerful enough for complex software development. Ruby is often used in web development, especially with the Ruby on Rails framework.

  2. Ruby on Rails 🚂: It's like a train set where the tracks (Rails) are already laid out for you to quickly build web applications. It's a framework that uses the Ruby programming language.

  3. JavaScript 📜: Think of it as the magic spell in a wizard's book. It makes websites interactive and dynamic, like making things move on the screen or respond when you click them.

  4. Stimulus 🌟: Imagine a puppet master's strings that can make a puppet (your web page) dance and move. Stimulus is a JavaScript framework that adds simple enhancements to HTML elements, making them more interactive and responsive to user actions without needing a lot of complex code.

  5. Hotwire ⚡️: This is like having a speedy telegraph system in your web app. It allows you to update web pages without having to reload them completely, making your web app faster and more responsive.

  6. Turbo 🚀: Imagine a rocket booster for your web application. Turbo is part of the Hotwire stack and it speeds up web page loading by only updating the parts that need to change, instead of reloading the whole page. This makes navigating a web app feel seamless and super fast, almost like a single-page application.

  7. Strada 🛣️: Think of it as a smooth highway connecting two places. Strada is a modern approach to building mobile applications using web technologies. It allows you to create native-like mobile apps using the web skills you already have, bridging the gap between web and mobile app development.

  8. PostgreSQL 🐘: Picture a really smart elephant that never forgets. It's a database system that stores all of your web application's data, like user information or posts, and retrieves it quickly when needed.

  9. Redis 🚀: Imagine a race car that can go really fast for short distances. Redis is used for storing temporary data that your app needs to access quickly, like counting how many people are currently online.

  10. ElasticSearch 🔍: Think of a detective with a magnifying glass. It helps you to search through vast amounts of data very quickly, finding exactly what you're looking for in your web app’s data.

  11. Heroku 🌩️: It's like a cloud where you can launch your web applications. You don't have to worry about the machinery (servers) to run your app; Heroku takes care of it.

  12. AWS (Amazon Web Services) 📦: Imagine a huge warehouse filled with all sorts of tools and machines (servers, databases, storage, etc.) you can rent to build and run your web applications.

  13. Azure ☁️: This is like a magical cloud kingdom provided by Microsoft. It offers a lot of tools and services, similar to AWS, for hosting and managing your applications.

  14. DigitalOcean 🌊: Picture an ocean where you can easily create and manage small islands (servers). It's known for being user-friendly, especially for smaller applications or individual developers.

Building Software for Startups 👨🏻‍💻 💻 🚀


I co-founded and built the platform to help teach and assess developers for hiring 🛠️, and we raised seed funding in Singapore.

What is Codetoki?

It was an app that helped companies find and assess developers.

Here’s how students would use Codetoki in Universities:

The technologies I’ve built included Ruby 💎, PHP 🐘, and JavaScript 📜 compilers to test code solutions for programming problems. I scaled the application using a microservice architecture 🌐 that separated the three compilers from the main Rails 🚂 application and MongoDB database 🍃 to accommodate the application's high write load using Windows Azure ☁️.

Featured by Microsoft

At that time, using Open Source technology on a Microsoft platform was unfathomable. This resulted in the app being featured by the Microsoft Customer Highlight website as it pioneered open-source software on top of Microsoft technology 🏆.



I was working with Zubin on multiple consulting projects.

Zubin Teherani - Co-founder of LeagueSide.com

By 2018, when he started LeagueSide, I became the pioneer developer and owned an equity stake in LeagueSide.

My contributions and expertise during the development of the MVP eventually led to the company being sold to TeamSnap in 2022.


180 Marketing

I've collaborated with Jeff Oxford, co-founder of 180 Marketing since 2018, driving technological innovations for over six years.

My first meeting with Jeff Oxford

This made their team efficient with the multiple SEO tools I’ve built for them and a SaaS startup business they are currently running


I’ve architected and built a SaaS tool to make it more efficient for marketers to search and reach out to websites that could generate high-value backlinks.

LinkHunter featured on https://www.surges.co/tools/linkhunter


Keyword Difficulty tool that leverages ahrefs API subscription.

A.I. Writer (Internal Tool)

 I’ve architected and built a tool that helps speed up the process of writing blogs using GPT-4 API and Dall-E 3.



I architected the technologies of HURR and built and managed a 20-plus team of developers and QAs to support the application. The efforts resulted in HURR to become the leading fashion rental application in the UK.

Hurr iOS

I architected and developed the iOS application using Turbo to build mobile hybrid technology. This resulted in an increase in HURR’s usage and traffic.

Hurr Enterprise

I architected and led the development effort of HURR’s White Label application technology. This enabled HURR to get fashion industry giants like:

  • Selfridges - https://selfridgesrental.com/

  • Matches Fashion https://matchesfashionrental.com/

  • Flannels - https://flannelsrental.com/

  • John Lewis - https://johnlewisfashionrental.com/

  • Rixo - https://rixorental.com/

My efforts at Hurr played a significant role in evolving the concept into a thriving business, successfully securing $10 million in funding to date.

Ademar Outside Tech

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

I love working (and playing) with my dogs 🐶

Fluffy at Work

Agility work with Brutus!

River trekking with Brutus.

Bite work!

I’m a boxing fan and used to box regularly 🥊

Used to go to local boxing gyms to literally look for a fight 🤪

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Building Apps for Startups with Ruby on Rails, Hotwire & Turbo.


Building apps with Ruby on Rails, Hotwire & Turbo.